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The Danny Moynahan Trio
Danny Moynahan sings and plays jazz and pop standards ranging in style from Frank Sinatra, Ahmad Jamal, and Harry Connick, Jr. to Burt Bacharach and the Beatles, all in a very accessible laid back and toe-tapping jazz trio setting. At his best when engaging with his audience, Danny brings his living room soireé into the cocktail lounge for an unforgettable evening of good vibes and cool music. Be seen with the Danny Moynahan Trio again and again.

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The Love Uninhibited Orchestra
Bursting onto the scene on Valentine's Day 2011, The Love Uninhibited Orchestra has serenaded audiences all over Southern California, imploring all to sing along to the greatest hits from the golden age of love songs.

An unforgettable and unapologetic celebration of love is what you get when the Love Uninhibited Orchestra takes the stage. Sing along. You're the star of this show.


Boss Knob Radio Hour
Funky, groovy, and eclectic. Vintage lounge music has a new accomplice in tickling our collective nostalgia. Definitely reach for the Boss Knob if you want to dial up the vibe.

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The Carmen Perez Memorial Brass Band
It's big. It's fun. It's big fun. The Carmen Perez Memorial Brass Band fuses the New Orleans brass band tradition with musical traditions from around the world.

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The Other, Other Side of Danny Moynahan
There's another side to Danny Moynahan. And another. And so on.

The Other, Other Side of Danny Moynahan is a one-man-band that fuses all the music in his brain and all the instruments at his disposal into a groovy, compact presentation.

Danny Moynahan's Saw Workshop
Is that a real saw? Are those teeth sharp? Is it easy to play? The answer is yes, yes, and yes, if you learn from a pro like Danny Moynahan.
Danny fell in love with the musical saw upon hearing the legendary sawyer Charlie Blacklock perform in Santa Monica, CA. Since then, he has become a highly sought-after recording artist, performer and teacher.
Saw workshops for all skill levels offered through McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA.

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In Collaboration With
Long standing associations with String Theory, Stone Soul, and various other projects have taken me across the country and around the world.